Luv on Fire Ministries International

Although our main focus of ministry is here at home in San Diego, God has placed a special calling in our hearts to foster Luv on Fire around the globe.

As you may or may not know, our beloved pastor, Bobby Yates, has been involved with global missions since 2005. His calling to reach out to individuals with disabilities first with Luv-em-up Ministries that he founded 16 years ago, which since then he has released Luv-em-up to a different team. He is now Senior pastor and president of Luv on Fire Ministries and is no longer serving with Luv-em-up. Although during his time there has engaged in outreach in Mexico with occasional wheelchair relief, visitation of orphanages, and reaching out to children and families with a member with a disability. We have also assisted churches and facilities that serve the disabled population in Mexico.

Pastor Bobby also been was very pro-active for the last 10 years in ministering to people with disabilities in Africa, with his focus in Zambia and Swaziland.

A message from Pastor Bobby:
During the International ministry then we were so blessed to be able to provide over 600 wheelchairs to people who are non-ambulatory, and have built and continue to sow into relationships with individuals with disabilities, families, and care facilities there. We have made a huge impact on villages, with heads of state in Zambia, and the Royal family in Swaziland. In addition to our outreach for the disabled in Africa, we were also very engaged in evangelism on the streets there – in villages, at mini-crusades, and on Christian radio stations that God has used to lead over 13,000 souls to Christ and into the Kingdom of God.

Now with Luv on Fire Ministries and Luv on Fire Ministries International, we are dedicated to stay true to the calling God has given me to minister to the disabled population abroad. We are looking forward to furthering our contact in Africa, and now excited about doors opening up for ministry to the disabled population in India.

PLEASE pray for Luv on Fire Ministries and the International division as we wait on the Lord for further guidance in His calling and plan for Luv on Fire Ministries internationally.

In His name:

Pastor Bobby Yates

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